What is CargoEdit

Cargo, like Charter is a separate mode in AM2. It behaves differently to regular flights. Cost of charter is 100 bonus points and $ 500million. cash with points rebate for the achievement

Whats different to normal flightsEdit

  • Cargo works the same as normal flights. Just go to the cargo section
  • There is a limit of 3 flights per route
  • There are only two classes of cargo
    • Large (yellow colour)
    • Heavy (maroon colour)
  • Flights must be made in freight planes of which can only be bought from factory A/C
  • The boeing 747F, Airbus A380F and Antonov 225 all require their respective licences.
  • There is no IFE, Wi-Fi and cabin upgrades
  • There is a limit of 20 cargo routes
  • There is fluctuation of price. Price changes hourly

How do I create routesEdit

Same as regular passenger routes

Can I get out of realism mode?Edit


Runway length matters

What planes should I buy and where should I fly themEdit

Antonov 225 (the biggest plane) of which you need a licence and can only buy 10 of them

Antonov 124 (the 2nd biggest plane). You don't need a licence for it

Shorter routes are preferred as you get paid by the pound

Do I have some A/C comparison tool available? Edit

There is an great Excel file where you can see all Cargo A/C's and their specification, ratios and calculator to see if it fits your new route. It is free and can be obtained by sending an request in private message to skitzozg

AM2 Cargo ACs